Aulos English Version

My Instruments are orientated on a set of auloi which where found in Alexandria and which now belong to the Louvre museum in Paris /FR.
(Louvre 10962)

Both chanters have the same length but reach different pitches.
With straps or plugs it is possible to play different tones.

Here you can see videos from Barnaby Brown with much information and sound examples: VIDEO1 VIDEO2

Modell Louvre2
- after plans from Dr. Stefan Hagel
This modell is very close to the original instrument. All tone holes are not in a line, they deviate in radial positions. All positions and diameters of tone holes are like the original instrument. The place for the reed is outside strenghtened with a compression made of thread. These compression was not found on the original instrument but it makes sense to do it, because there is only 1,5mm wood left and the reeds are plugged in in this place.

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A big "Thank you" to Dr. Stefan Hagel (ÖAW Vienna) for his help with this projekt. He gave me his plans and also gave me important informations for making the reeds. Her is a link to his publications
Also my thanky are due to Barnaby Brown for information exchange

A very good resource:

Reeds for aulos

Reeds from Polystyrol (PS) for Modell Louvre2, see Pricelist
This reeds are easy to blow and resitiant against moisture. They are very useful for beginners and people, who don´t have experience with reeds made from Arundo Donax.

If you like to order reeds made of arundo donax please contact Callum Armstrong



dry sloth wiper for drying the inner bore after playing + wooden oiler rod + oil (30cl) for re-oiling the inner bore
above 3 products as set see Pricelist
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